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What family members say about this website...

We asked some family members what they thought about this website. Here are some of the things they said.

Information and reassurance 24/7

"One of the things that is so difficult...anxiety is high and it's hard to think in those circumstances. It was actually helpful that...I could look at the website... at the end of the day, after visiting and in the quiet of my own home."

"What you're looking for is "Is what I'm feeling an ordinary reaction, or am I unusual in this?" There's something very reassuring when you find information about the psychological impact. It's really quite well expressed."

"I liked the bit on "what the nurses do." It was really accurate, it gave you confidence in them, because you knew their role"

Information and support on the things that really matter

"It reassured me to know that he wasn't going to recover overnight, and that there wre going to be ups and downs...The website was as useful for me as it was for my husband, because it helped me understand what he was going through"

The bit about Citizens' Advice was good, because her wages got arrested...It's horrible to say, but money matters. We've got bills to pay.It's good to see what help you can get, because money is important"

"There was a lot about how to talk to children...and links to an excellent organisation, a specific organisation for children that might have to face loss or actually be bereaved"