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What ICU staff say about this website...

We asked some Intensive Care staff what they thought of this website. Here are some of the things they said....

Giving useful information

"I would often like to spend more time with the families...but I'm (busy) looking after patients. This website goes part of the way to giving information...it's not a substitute for talking to staff about what is going on and why"

From a nursing point of view, it's quite good for us, because patients and relatives can get a lot of information about Intensive Care. It can free up a bit more of our time..."

"It brings the language of Intensive Care much more into lay terms for patients and families...but also for other staff who will come into contact with these people"

Giving support to patients and families

"It's about supporting patients and families when they get home, which is just as important as when they're in hospital"

"I used the website to direct a family member...where to get counselling support. She told me later that it really helped her cope"

"A really useful addition to follow-up services for people too ill or too far away to travel to a clinic"

Acknowledging what's important for patients

"One thing I really did like was if you click on "Your time in Intensive Care", the first thing that pops up is the psychological issues...that is probably the bit we've got furthest to go, in terms of the health service, so I'm glad it popped up first"