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Common psychological issues

In this section, we've provided some general information and advice on the psychological issues patients commonly face during the ward stage of recovery.These include things like not knowing what happened to you, having strange or frightening dreams, problems with sleeping or concentration, and feeling anxious or low.Everyone is different. You may or may not experience these issues and they may be more severe or troublesome to some patients than others.Many of these issues will improve over the weeks and months after Intensive Care.


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Article: Strange dreams

Is it common to have strange dreams after going to the ward? Yes, it is very common to continue to have strange dreams after being transferred to the wards. In fact, some patients only "come to" on the wards and often don't remember very much about their time in Intensive Care (or how they ended up there) and have very strange dreams or memories.

External Video: Strange Dreams and memories in ICU

This is a short video in which Professor Tim Walsh (a Consultant in Intensive Care) explains the reasons why many patients have strange dreams during and after their time in Intensive Care.

Web Link: Tests & treatments: find out more

This link will take you to the webpage of NHS Inform.Here, you'll find easily understandable information on common tests (eg blood tests, various types of scans, etc ), medical treatments and surgical procedures (everything from a knee replacement to heart surgery).

Article: Visiting the Intensive Care Unit

Would you like to visit the Intensive Care Unit? Some people find it helpful to visit the Intensive Care Unit. It can sometimes help people to make sense of their time in Intensive Care, including understanding how ill they were, what happened while they were there, having the chance to speak with some of the staff who looked after them and in making sense of the strange dreams they had. Some people prefer not to, and it is completely up to you whether you would like to do...