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Managing your own recovery

From listening to what other people have told us, it can be difficult to work out what to do for the best, in terms of helping the recovery process along after you get home. Many patients are surprised and frustrated by how long the recovery process can sometimes take.Some unfairly blame themselves for "not doing enough" or "not trying hard enough" while others tell us that "trying to do too much" can knock them back and sap their confidence.It's important to strike a balance.

In this section, we've included some information and advice on some simple things you can do to help you manage tiredness (fatigue), build your strength, deal with breathlessness, and generally increase your ability to do more.There are some useful short videos from physiotherapists who specialise in rehabilitation after Intensive Care. 



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External Video: Pacing for Fatigue

This short clip will explain how the technique of pacing may be used to manage any fatigue that you may be experiencing.

External Video: Pacing for Pain

This short clip will explain how pacing your activities may help to manage any pain that you are experiencing.

Web Link: Physical activity (over 65s)

This link will take you to NHS Choices physical activity guidelines for older adults.

Web Link: Self-help materials at your local library

This link will take you to the Glasgow Life website, and to their page on Healthy Reading. Every local library in Glasgow has a section dedicated to self-help materials, such as books, CDs, DVDs, etc. You can borrow them for free if you join the library. 

Web Link: Self-management help

This link will take you a website with Self-amanagement advice. Self management is about people living with long term conditions being in ‘the driving seat’. It supports people to live their lives better, on their terms.

Web Link: Tests & treatments: find out more

This link will take you to the webpage of NHS Inform.Here, you'll find easily understandable information on common tests (eg blood tests, various types of scans, etc ), medical treatments and surgical procedures (everything from a knee replacement to heart surgery).

Document: Tiredness (fatigue)-how to save your energy

This booklet outlines techniques that you can use to make the most of the energy you have without making yourself exhausted. These techniques can be used to manage different physical symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue and pain.