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Web Link: Critical Care Patient Liaison Committee

This link will take you to the Patients' and Relatives' page of the Intensive Care Society.It provides general information on what to expect when visiting the Intensive Care Unit, transfer to the general ward, rehabilitation and getting home (hospital discharge).

Web Link: Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group

This link will take you to the webpage of Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group. It tells you about who we are and the type of research that we do.

Web Link: Healthtalkonline

This is a free online resource for members of the general public and has sections on a range of illnesses and conditions. There is a section on Intensive Care; one on patients’ experiences and another on relatives’ experiences. There are video clips, voice recordings and interviews which have been typed out word for word, which many patients and familiy members find really useful.

Web Link: Healthunlocked.com

Many people find it helpful to hear that other people's experiences are similar to their own or to share their experiences online.This link will take you to the Intensive Care web page of Healthunlocked.They have a blog page in which patients and family members can ask questions and share experiences of Intensive Care and the recovery process.

Web Link: ICUSteps: an after Intensive Care support group

This link will take you to the ICUSteps website. They are a charity set up and run by former Intensive Care patients,their family members and healthcare staff. They run informal "drop in" sessions for patients and families, and have developed a number of free booklets which you can download (some of them have been translated into several different languages). *Corona virus: All face to face meetings have been cancelled, but please visit the ICUsteps website for details on how...

Web Link: NHS Choices (carer support)

This link will take you to the website of NHS Choices. This page offers a wealth of information and advice on the types of help you might be able to get after you get home, and how to access it.

External Article: Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is an independent non-profit feedback platform for health services. Patient Opinion is about honest and meaningful conversations between patients and health services. We believe that your story can help make health services better.

External Article: The UK Sepsis Trust:

The UK Sepsis Trust aims to reach out and bring together those who have survived, been bereaved by or encountered sepsis in every imaginable circumstance.