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Article: Numbness and "pins and needles"

Is it common to have numbness and pins and needles after Intensive Care? Patients sometimes experience numbness and or pins and needles in theirfingers and hands, which can lead to difficulty with everyday things like grip.Others experience numbness and or pins and needles in their feet, which can interfere with balance and mobility. Why do I have numbness and pins and needles? These symptoms are sometimes called "critical illness neuropathy" or "critical...

Web Link: Pain support

This link will take you to painconcern.org.uk. It's a really helpful website, providing information about different types of pain and how to deal with it. There are free booklets to download, a helpline, videos to help you manage your pain, podcasts (voicefiles) from other people, and an online chatroom. We hope you find it helpful.Please consult your doctor in the first instance.