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Recovery can sometimes take quite some time, although everyone is different. It is  fair to say that we probably know the least about longer term recovery.This is largely because the current research recommendations are to follow patients up for "at least 6 months" after Intensive Care.Also, much of the research that has been done has tended to use questionnaires which,although very useful, may not actually tell us very much about what recovery is like for patients in their everyday lives.

Having spoken to a number of patients at one year after hospital discharge, however, it seems that while some may have lingering physical and psychological issues after being in Intensive Care, many have learned to live with them. The main focus at this time would appear to be keeping well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting out and about. For some, the "anniversary" of their time in Intensive Care can prompt them to reflect on their emotional journey. In this section, we've provided some links to general information and advice.We hope you find it useful.


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Web Link: Walking Football for Women

Play your way back to fitness! Why not combine being active with being social in the company of other women? This is a link to LaRF - a local group offering walking football for women in Edinburgh. All abilities welcome. Play as you are. No pressure, no membership, no jargon, no judgement - just great value football. Looks fun!  

Web Link: Walking group

This link will take you to the Ramblers' Group in Edinburgh and Lothian.

Article: When can I get back to driving?

Depending on the type of illness that took you into Intensive Care, there may be no reason why you shouldn't go back to driving. However, if you had a heart attack, for example, you are generally advised not to drive for at least a month afterwards. There may be other reasons for caution around getting back behind the wheel, but if you are in any doubt at all about your ability to drive, please consult your GP and your insurance company. Patients do sometimes tell us that they...

Document: Would you like to be involved in helping with ICU-related research?

Have you or a family member or friend had a stay in critical care? Are you interested in advising our research team on how we can use research to help improve people’s experience?   If so, we'd love to hear from you!Click on the above file to find out more. 

Web Link: Write your way to recovery

This link will take you to the Write to Recovery website. The website is part of the Scottish Recovery Network and is designed to help people write about their thoughts and experiences on the road to recovery.