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Web Link: End of life decisions

Sadly, some patients don't survive Intensive Care.In some cases, incredibly difficult decisions have to be made about whether it's in the patient's best interests to continue treatment, when it seems certain that their condition won't improve.We're so sorry, if this is the case for you.It might help to hear about other people's experiences about making these types of decisions, both within the family and with the medical staff on Intensive Care. This link will...

Web Link: Registering a death in Scotland

Sadly,not everyone survives Intensive Care. We are very sorry for your loss. This link takes you to the website of the General Register Office for Scotland.It provides information on how to register a death in Scotland.

External Video: Spiritual support: when someone dies

In this video, Iain Telfer draws upon his many years' experience as a Chaplain in Intensive Care. He talks about the range of emotions people can go through when a loved one is dying or has died in Intensive Care and the type of support that can be offered, regardless of faith or religion.

Document: What to do after a death in Scotland

Sadly, not everyone survives Intensive Care. We are very sorry for your loss.This booklet from the Scottish Government gives advice on what to do after a bereavement. It includes things like how to register a death,how to arrange a funeral,legal and money issues, and where to get emotional support.