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Document: Banking for people unable to make decisions for themselves

This short document is written by the British Bankers' Association. It gives advive on how to apply for access to your family member or friend's bank account while they are too ill or unable to look after their own finances.Pleaswe note that it applies to Scotland only.

Web Link: Citizens Advice (Scotland)

This link will take you to the Citizens Advice Bureau. They can provide information and advice on a wide range of money, legal and health issues including: Money & debt Benefits Employment Housing Family problems Health Services Legal rights & responsibilities For advice in Scotland, go to For advice in England, go to For advice in Northern Ireland, go to...

Article: Money issues

What if I can't pay the bills? It can be stressful enough, worrying about a family member in Intensive Care, without the added stress of worrying about money and how you're going to pay the bills. This is especially true if your loved usually dealt with money issues, if either of you are self employed or you need to take a lot of time off work in order to visit him or her or to look after children. Can I get access to his or her bank account? You may need access to...

Document: Power of Attorney: what it means

What is a Power of Attorney? It is a written document giving someone else authority to take actions or make decisions on behalf of those who are unable to do so for themselves. This applies to Intensive Care patients when they are too ill, sedated, confused or unconscious. Why might I need one? You might need to make medical, legal or financial decisions on behalf of your family member or friend while they are too unwell to make their own decisions. We have provided...

Web Link: What to do after a death in Scotland

Sadly, not everyone survives Intensive Care.  We are very sorry for your loss.  This link will take you to the Scottish Government website which gives advice on what to do after a bereavement.  It includes things like how to register a death, how to arrange a funeral, legal and money issues, and where to get emotional support.